September 22, 23 & 24, 2017
TATMADAW HALL | Yangon | Myanmar


COMPACK MYANMAR - 3rd Edition is Organized by Enterprising Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (called Myanmar), is a member of Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Geographically Myanmar serves as a bridge between South Asia and South East Asia and connects the world’s two most popular countries China and India. Myanmar has seen the easing and lifting of international sanctions over the past 2 years.

Supporting Chambers in Myanmar include:
  Kenya Association of Manufacturers   
Myanmar Industries Association (MIA)

The objective is to promote activities efficiently and effectively with the support of the Government and private agencies. It is a self-funded, non-profit making organization and truly private independent body representing the entire scope of trade, services and industries in Myanmar. MIA Provides services & information on Government trade policies, directives, import-export procedures, tax structure, tariff_ rates, procedures and incentives for investment in the manufacturing sector.

MIA Provides Infrastructure and other facilities such asavailability of industrial land, electricity and utilities. MIA involves itself in co-operate with law experts in constructing Foreign Direct Investment, Small and medium Enterprises Development, Industrial Policy and Investment.
                 Organized by:
  Enterprising Fairs (India)

ENTERPRISING FAIRS has vast experience in handling domestic and International Exhibitions. The prime focus of Enterprising fairs is to facilitate business convergence for categories such as plastics, rubber, packaging, and manufacturing, which are among the fastest growing economies in the world.

EFIPL organizes professional trade shows in the field of Plastics, Rubber and Manufacturing especially in developing countries like India, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and now in Myanmar. EFIPL members have vast experience in Marketing and in the field of Plastics, Rubber, Packaging and Manufacturing.