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June 8, 9 & 10, 2017 | KICC | Nairobi | Kenya


Compack Kenya - a gateway to East African markets


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Compack in developing Countries

The packaging industry has the greatest development potential in all developing all countries. Opportunities for the packaging industry in developing countries are therefore present specifically if ethnical appeal of products is capitalized on and if extended to packing as well as indigenous materials. Packaging also offers opportunities for promoting international trade.

COMPACK KENYA - 5th Edition

Kenya is the preferred distributor of goods to other East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and other countries like Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and several others situated on East coast of Africa estimated to be that of 380 million customers. Having the largest Sea Port in Mombasa, the country is the largest incoming source of products by sea to the East African region from Arab countries, Indian Sub-continent, Europe & Far East.

General Information
  • Population of 141.1 million
  • Kenya quickly developed a number of industries providing consumer goods like beverages and tobacco, textiles, food products, petroleum products, electrical appliances and machinery, printing, paper products, sugar and confectionery.
  • Export-promotion businesses have flourished and replaced the industries that failed during liberalization.